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St. Teresa's Episcopal Church<br>Acworth, Georgia

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Welcome to our Church!

Jesus' Hands and Feet in West Cobb County since 1996

5725 Fords Road Acworth, GA 30101
Office Hours: Mon-Thu 8:30am-5:00pm;
Closed Fridays
Phone: 770 590-9040 Fax: 770 590-9794  

Sunday Services
9:00 am    Holy Eucharist with Sermon
11:00 am  Choral Eucharist with Sermon

Children & Adult Sunday School at 10:00 AM

Wednesday Services
5:45 pm    Dinner
6:30 pm    Worship service with Holy Eucharist
  (Healing with Unction last Wed. of each month)
7:00 pm    Fellowship programs & Study Groups


Ash Wednesday (Feb. 18)
Worship services with Holy Eucharist & Institution of the Ashes at
7:00 AM, Noon, and 7:00 PM

During Lent (Feb. 19-Mar. 27)
7:00 AM Morning Prayer Mon-Fri
6:30 PM Worship with Holy Eucharist on Wed.
(Healing with Unction last Wed. of each month)

St Teresa's Children's Program

Call (770) 422 7637 or visit




Our Mission:

Radiating the light of Christ, St. Teresa's is a caring community of faith, celebrating God's love through worship and service. 

Our Core Values:

Worship, Love and Care, Sharing, Service, and Empowerment

Our Vision:

As we embrace the world and serve others, we are transformed by the grace of God.

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